Canning Secrets Revealed: Learn how to can food like a true homesteader in 14 days or less. 
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 In this eBook, I'll show you everything you need to know to jump-start your canning journey. 
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  • Kick Your Fear to the Curb: Includes ALL the safety info you need to can with confidence so you never have to worry about poisoning your family!
  • Step-by-Step: Learn how to streamline your processes so canning projects aren’t stressful or complicated
  • Save Money: My best tips for collecting the canning tools and ingredients you need on a budget
  • No Garden Required: Can small batches of food from the store or farmer’s market! 
  • BONUS: Includes the Quick-Start Garden Growing Guide & Good, Better, Best Shopping Guide to help you source the very best food for your canning projects!
I DEBUNK These Common Canning Myths...
Myth #1 - Canning Is Very Expensive
Learn where to shop and how not overspend on tools and supplies as you begin your canning journey. 
Myth #2 - It's Really Easy to Poison People
From a Master Homesteader, learn how to safely can your food by following proven recipes & techniques that prevent contamination (and keep your pressure canner from exploding, too!). 
Myth #3 - Canning Takes a Lot of Time
 Learn proven tips and tricks that maximize your efficiency, preserve the most from your harvest, & deliver a quality canning experience every time. 
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What You'll Get In This Jam-Packed eBook:
  • ​How to know when you should use a water bath canner or pressure canner
  • ​Why your pressure canner is not as scary as you think (one you get to know it!)
  •  What you NEED to know about botulism to keep your family safe
  •  Diagrams, photos, and charts to help you understand the parts of your canner, headspace, processing times, and more
  •  Which foods you can safely can and which ones you should always skip
  •  How to adjust your canning times depending on your altitude (it’s more important than you may think!)
  •  How to tweak canning recipes safely (and which tweaks could result in ruined food!)
  •  Quick-glance guide to canning all your favorite veggies
  •  Detailed step-by-step tutorials for both water bath AND pressure canning
  •  BONUS: Ten of my tried-and-true favorite recipes for canning pickles, tomato sauce, homemade broth, meats, and more!
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I am so excited to you to start this homesteading & canning journey, I am going to include my Quick Start Garden Planting Guide AND my Good, Better, Best Shopping Guide for FREE! These guides will not only save you money, but will also help source the very best foods for your canning projects! 
The Quick-Start Garden Planting Guide
The Good, Better, Best Shopping Guide
Over 100+ Pages Based on a Decade of Knowledge, Practice and Plenty of Mistakes. Learn Modern Tips & Tricks That Will Save You Hassle and Have You Canning Like a True Homesteader in No Time
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Jill Winger

Founder of the award-winning blog, The Prairie Homestead which is dedicated to helping people learn how to grow their own food and take a break from the rat race, regardless of where they live. 
Meet Your Canning Mentor
Hi there! I'm Jill Winger. 
I live on the wide-open Wyoming prairie with my husband, Christian, our three free-range prairie children, and an unknown number of farm animals (I've lost count!) 

For the last 9 years, I've been helping folks who feel uninspired with modern life learn how to grow their own food and master old-fashioned skills

Though my website, The Prairie Homestead, I have had the privilege of teaching over 700,000 people how to create from-scratch meals, make simple DIY remedies, tend chickens, and grow their first gardens.

I'm also the author of the best-selling Prairie Homestead Cookbook and have thrilled to be featured in Urban Farm magazine, Farm & Ranch Living magazine, Women's World, and Buzzfeed.
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